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Reply In Demand

by Reasons

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released October 30, 2015

Recorded and Mixed at Catalyst studio By JJ Corirossi.
Mastered By Brad Boatright at Audisiege.
Art by Joshua Green. Art color by Christopher Ness.



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Track Name: Bound to Life
Dwell in the sand,
I figured time was better wasted.
You don't understand,
A leader's path was mine to pave
No I'm the fucking slave

*Seems as though, I have no more strength to hold on to
Running low, no path
Bound to this life*

Hands to my eyes,
Find myself walking in circles
No matter how hard I try,
Always falter out of reach..
Timing is everything


bound to this life
Track Name: Reply In Demand
Blame the ones I trust, I see through you. Opinions don't mean much.. What can I do? Illusions of the truth will only find their way to carry you into the fire.

*I stand to questions what you live for.
This is reply in demand.
What else will you not have to think for?
With the answers at hand
(reality is what you ignore, we've lost the chain of command)*

Your words amount to dust, and so will you. The strongest metals rust, viral diseases bloom. The time to change has passed. Still waiting for that spinning hour glass to let you through.

You're out of control..
It's just the way I feel inside.
Track Name: Don't Tell Me
You're at it again, making up every word. How about you save your breath, it's nothing that I haven't heard before.

*The lies that I was told when I was younger.
The lies don't add up.*

You want a new face, you got a new one everyday. Find the words to replace everything you never say to me.


Heard it all before, don't tell me this.
Track Name: Shattered Mirror
Heard somebody know k at my door but I won't check to see it. Ringing from the phone on my floor, your message I won't read it. Need some time to think to myself to further focus my ambition to destroy and rebuild.

*I made this house of cards. And like a shattered mirror, you were broken. Seven years you've kept me here. I've realigned, reflection's clear. Your grip is fading, can't keep me here.*

Wake up in a pool of my sweat. I'm losing sleep from memories that drown my soul in regret. I did this to myself.
Paving out a path I can trust. Preserving any sanity that might be left is a must.
Track Name: Hollow (Again)
Found myself inside a hole. Out of love, so alone. My mind is clouded by the smoke. Needing more, with nowhere to go. So how many times will I promise myself? "no more, no more" -hypocritical lies. I'll only go back to where I was before, because I'm..

*Hollow again
I'm losing myself, I'm losing friends.
Hollow again
Spill my guts on to the floor, and pray for something.*

All I wanted was to be something good that everybody looked up to. I never thought I'd ever see myself live to become the enemy. So how many times will I promise myself? "no more, no more" -hypocritical lies. I'll only go back to where I was before, because I'm..


Been here so many times.. I've over stayed my welcome. I need to draw a line. Or I'll fall forever.